The Gospel of Safi (Prod. By Lofty 305)

from by O.H.M

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The legacy of a young N-LORD.


You are now under my power
Do as i utter don't cower
Backwards from danger
Maintain your posts, GHOSTS!
You who now hunger devour
Rappers who shudder and cower
Backwards from danger
Let's raise a toast, GHOSTS!

[Verse 1: O.H.M]
The black act magician and rap apparition
Has risen now driven by vivid ambitions
Of giving the living the shivering jitters
These copycat niggas have kittens in litters
Whenever they witness wind split through their timbers
Limbs that were limber, now black as a cinder
But that didn't singe you, no thats just the winter
The world is so cold but you have to endure
Not much is fortold and much less is insured
Sure im insecure but my message is pure
If there is a god then its essence is yours
If there is no god you're essentially lord
Of your destiny. testing me's not recommended
For i weild a sword that was specially forged
They call me... Spear Chucker Norris!

[Interlude: Safi, O.H.M in quotaions]
Finding someone like "Lord Nigga" is rare. He's a really kind hearted person; he's exceptionally intelligent
He's an MC, a poet; he's... just... so, original. Like... the way he carries himself, his words, with everything there is about him
I feel like, there will always be a place for him; um, in my life. Not only in my life but in this community, in society...
We should always welcome the unknown; the different; the random, that is: "Lord Nigga... nigga."


from N​-​LORD: A Tale of Lord Nigga, released August 20, 2013




O.H.M Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


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