N​.​I​.​G​.​G​.​A (Prod. By Good Lawd)

from by O.H.M

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The truth of a young N-LORD. rapgenius.com/Ohm-nigga-lyrics


Natural intellect Gathers Great Accomplishments
New intelligence generates great astonishment

Are you the nigga, never ignorant gettin goals accomplished?
Or nigga never innocent, ghetto goons accomplice?
The negus that'll crown a kween and build her a throne?
Or the niggas tryna dog her out, hopin' to bone?
Are you the negus that'll stop and say a prayer for mumia?
Or the nigga that praise the pagan cesare borgia?
Just like the homies who worship hova and hope to be sean
Or would you plant some bombs with doctor fantz fannon?
And be the negus that'll let em know that this is our world?
Not just the nigga sayin "shut up whitey, this is our word"!
Are you the true and living nigga, tall and straight in your back
Or the nigga that's makin niggas ashamed to be black?
Are you the negus that'll teach us, each and every last line?
Or the niggas plastered up on channels 1 through 99?
You the brotha that comes with somethin amazing to say?
Or the sucka we're amazed gets radio play?
Are you the father that the mother want their sons to be like?
Or the problems making mothers wish their sons could be white?
I'm the one who wonders "why we're so unstable like that?"
While these niggas make these negus say that they don't like rap

I don't like that, - and i though i find a savage crude
We'll still be niggas for life, just niggas with attitudes
So we fight back, - and i though i find a savage crude
We'll still be niggas for life, just niggas with attitudes
New intelligence generates great astonishment
Natural intellect Gathers Great Accomplishments

[verse 2: O.H.M]
Nigga this, Nigga that, Niggas rap, that's a fact
Asiatic, mathematic, afrocentric, yes i meant it
Killadel, pistolvain, brothers with guns
Who shut their mouths, mutter and hum. when officers come
Ain't nobody sayin shit, ain't nobody seen a thang
We ain't hear it neither it's clear thats these negus got no brains...
They lack senses, thusly they're senseless
Helen keller ain't get better, but she made a life
Couldn't hear see or speak but could read and write
Right? so what's a nigga to do? its all relative brother, so what's a nigga to you?

[Verse 3: O.H.M]
When Using the word "Nigga" it's definition is KEY
Acknowledge the Etymology, follow me and you'll see
That it's Nigga from Nigger, Nigger from Negro
Negro from Negrum, Negrum form Negush
Negush from Negus, Negus from Nagasha
Now we've got the lineage, of the terminology
Next we need the definitions listed chronologically
Nigga is an ebonic corruption of nigger
A word used by the cracker to feel badder and bigger
And these grow from negro, old english for black
Negrum is latin and means the same thing as that
Latin was the language that the romans used to speak
Romans being people who loved to plunder from greece
Whos word for black was "Aethiops" revealing the roots
The greeks descended from ethiopians, and that's the truth
I've handed you some history, now here's the use:
In Ethiopia, the ruler was known as Negus
- which stems from the Amharic word Negush
The seed of: Nagasha. that's Ahmaric too
Nagasha is defined as: He forced, and or ruled
Amharic is the second most spoken semetic tongue
Semetic meaning: of the trib of shem, noahs son
Now i could get much deeper and reach straight into the history
Clear away the mystery and shatter all the the disbelief
But this is brief, just a small explanation
Of why I'm that nigga. nigga what's your justification?
...brotha nothing is just a statement!

Word is BOND. what doesn't he word "nigga" bond you with?
In the recent past, it was used to bond the black race with inferiority
But the roots of that word, the old words that this new word derives from
Serve to bond us with superiority, as royalty...
How much does the past mean to you? will you stop digging as soon as you hit a stone
Or will you keep drilling untill you reach gold?
Think about it my nigga


from N​-​LORD: A Tale of Lord Nigga, released August 20, 2013




O.H.M Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


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